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[hal-02907956] Dynamical Correction to the Bethe-Salpeter Equation Beyond the Plasmon-Pole Approximation

The Bethe-Salpeter equation (BSE) formalism is a computationally affordable method for the calculation of accurate optical excitation energies in molecular systems. Similar to the ubiquitous adiabatic approximation of time-dependent density-functional theory, the static approximation, which substitutes a dynamical (\ie, frequency-dependent) kernel by its static limit, is usually enforced in most implementations of the BSE formalism. Here, going beyond the static approximation, we compute the dynamical correction of the electron-hole screening for molecular excitation energies thanks to a renormalized first-order perturbative correction to the static BSE excitation energies. The present dynamical correction goes beyond the plasmon-pole approximation as the dynamical screening of the Coulomb interaction is computed exactly within the random-phase approximation. Our calculations are benchmarked against high-level (coupled-cluster) calculations, allowing to assess the clear improvement brought by the dynamical correction for both singlet and triplet optical transitions.

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